Gently Used Floor Cleaning Equipment

If you own a home or commercial business that has large areas of hard floors, then you know just how daunting it can be to clean it in the absence of the right floor cleaning equipment. Save your legs and arms the trouble of scrubbing with a ride-on floor scrubber from Professional Cleaning Equipment. With a wide selection of riding floor scrubbers offered at affordable prices, cleaning your floor is easier now than ever. Whether you need to clean a school, office, or store, you can do it quickly and easily. Save on labor costs, energy, and time with a rider scrubber.

For nearly 40 years, Professional Cleaning Equipment has offered the finest in used floor care equipment. We strive to make cleaning your facility easier and more affordable than ever. In order to guarantee you get the most for your money, we inspect each item and check it for functionality, utility, and power. Once an item passes all of the above, we offer it to you at a reasonable price. Shop our inventory now to find the right ride-on floor scrubber for your needs!

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